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About First Station Media

Welcome to the intersection of design and technology. Where bold innovation changes the course of brands.

First Station Media was formed in late 2011. In the six years since that day we have gone on to work with a variety of business ranging from small hole in the wall boutiques to national multi-million dollar firms.

Everyone on our team has a specific niche, a unique specialty they bring to the table that helps to form a cohesive set of abilities our team has access to. Our team of artists and designers works together on every project, each individual adding their skills to the mix to refine and improve the original. Through this process we ensure that the final product presented to the client is the best vision of a collaborative effort.

The most important aspect of our work, and the end goal of our collaborative efforts, is client satisfaction. We work diligently to display the best vision of who our clients are as a company. By building this best vision we help create a more positive public persona to help boost sales and drive engagement.

If you need to build your marketing, or change directions with a marketing strategy that isn’t producing the results you want, contact First Station Media today. Together we can make innovation happen every day.

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Meet The Team

Meet our hard-working team of designers, programmers, and social media experts.

First Station Media | Team - Lena

Lena Levy

Owner & Creative Director

First Station Media | Team - Jess

Jess Herdman

Creative Director

First Station Media Team

Michael Mulvihill

Web Designer & Copywriter

First Station Media | Team - Katie

Katie Eisenberg

Graphic & Web Designer

First Station Media Team

Aly Kohanowski

Graphic Designer

First Station Media Team

Isabelle Seifert

Graphic Designer

First Station Media Team

Sam Stone


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