Choosing the right ad agency to market your product or business is crucial for your company’s future success and survival. The right advertising team can save you time and money, increase your marketing presence, and, hopefully, increase your profit margins. Nevertheless, entrusting an agency to execute your marketing strategy is a difficult task. Here are some important questions you should ask yourself before contracting an ad agency.


One of the most important questions you should ask yourself when choosing an ad agency is, “who will be doing the work?” Though this question seems to have a very simple answer, often the reality of the situation is much different. You don’t have to search very far on the web to find websites eagerly urging ad agencies to outsource their work. Though this may help your contracted advertising firm get marketing work completed, this practice won’t satisfy your business needs.

One major setback caused by outsourcing is a lack of solidarity and unity within your company. Richard Summerfield from the Financier Worldwide writes, “Marketing strategies often require company-wide discipline and governance to ensure they are being implemented effectively and efficiently.” By selecting an advertising company that contracts third-party vendors, you may be putting your marketing strategy and business at risk.

Additional links to your business chain can cause deadlines to be pushed back, communications to be interrupted, and could lead to an overall disconnect with your market strategy. Richard Summerfield again writes, “An effective marketing strategy must also serve to bridge any gaps which may exist between the boardroom and the marketers responsible for disseminating the company message.”  By contracting design firms that hire third-parties, you are essentially creating a severe disconnect between the boardroom and the marketeers. The worst part is you may not even know your design firm is contracting outside help to do your work. The usual result for this type of unethical practice is nasty complications for your business.

From this, it is evident that you should choose an advertising agency that doesn’t outsource their work. A problem with unfamiliar, outside design groups is that they will not fully understand you or your product. They may also lack the experience required to produce quality work that doesn’t violate copyright law nor other types of laws found in the marketing world. Creating copy that follows legal parameters is difficult even for professionals. If you violate copyright laws, there will be some serious fines. Unfortunately, certain ad agencies will avoid these fines by using their smaller marketing firms as scapegoats in an attempt to dodge penalties. Once the third-party vendor is blamed, it may soon become your problem, even if you didn’t hire them. Smaller agencies contracted by you or your creative firm may not have the means nor funds necessary to cover the fines for their violations, and then the only person left for the courts to blame is you…