When you open social media, you aren’t thinking about the app’s programming; you’re focused on creating content for your clients or checking the accounts you follow. But behind the scenes, something is deciding what you and your followers see: the algorithm.

The algorithm sorts what we see, prioritizing posts based on what the app thinks you want to see rather than showing you what was posted most recently. In 2016, Instagram abandoned chronological news feeds entirely in favor of an algorithm. And recently, Instagram announced that it will emphasize entertainment and content creation, primarily prioritizing videos and Reels, over their traditional square pictures, in an effort to compete with popular platform TikTok. 

You may be asking yourself, “How will this affect my content?”

This shift in the algorithm could mean your posts will get lost in favor of videos and Reels. But this change doesn’t mean you should abandon the platform. In fact, Instagram is also introducing a new “recommendations” feature, where users will see posts from accounts they aren’t already following in their news feed, much like TikTok’s “For You” page. 

Users seeing your company’s content, even if they aren’t following you, will be incredibly beneficial, as your posts will be more discoverable. This update could provide businesses with exposure to a new clientele that may not have otherwise found you.

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