Narrative Marketing and Why it Works

There’s a reason fairy tales, comic books, and ghost stories are all traditional childhood favorites. And, let’s be honest, most adults love that stuff, too, which is why we’re now on our…fourteenth incarnation of Batman? (Please don’t quote me on that.) Narrative, in fact, is utterly comforting. In stories, we can locate our own struggles and triumphs, and find a piece of ourselves in every character along the way. 

Marketing surrounds us every day, and because of this, you need to find ways to make your brand stand out. This is where narrative marketing comes into play. 

The largest hill for marketers to climb is putting themselves into the customer’s shoes. When using this style of marketing, it’s crucial to realize: Your product isn’t the hero of the buyer’s journey, the customer’s themselves are.

Narrative marketing works because no matter how much you lay out your brand’s story on the table, customers are going to move forward with the brand that resonates with them the most. In narrative marketing, the customer’s story is at the forefront, with just a sprinkle of your product or service. 

When creating this whimsical narrative for the consumer, it’s important to ask yourself: What do they value and aspire to be? What are their wants, desires, and wildest dreams? It’s impossible to appeal to your audience if you haven’t taken the proper steps to simply identify who they are as people.

Instead of merely telling your audience why your product or service is going to create an enhancement to their lives, show them. Tell their story in as much detail as possible, so that they can truly visualize your product in their life. Help your potential customers realize what they can experience and achieve if this product is in their possession. Without this lucrative item, their story would be just a little less amazing.

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