Omitting a Social Media presence from your marketing plan can cost you thousands of leads and bundles of money, especially considering Social Media Marketing is one of the most affordable and effective tools available.

Purchasing space in print publications, for example, is not only an outdated and dying form of marketing communication, but it remains exorbitantly expensive, especially considering print sales are at an all-time low.

You know how expensive a successful marketing strategy can be. Purchasing ad space in a popular magazine can cost you and your business a small fortune. Large-scale trade magazines charge up to $100,000 to market your product in their periodical—for a single issue. Even local markets are costly: Milwaukee Magazine and The Journal Sentinel begin their print pricing at $2,400 for a small space and a short time.
Radio ads are becoming less and less effective, as people are rapidly moving to streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music for a wider range of music and content types (i.e. podcasts). Accordingly, the nature of these services makes advertising opportunities more feasible for large, national corporations rather than smaller, more localized businesses.

Beyond the price, the extreme temporality of print materials is perhaps its greatest downfall. A print ad cannot be propagated again and again without a significant investment. Social Media, however, is the birthplace of “sharing,” where your audience propagates for you, spreading your content faster and further than any single print publication.

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First Station Media is a full-service multimedia firm specializing in a wide array of marketing and branding services. From website and print design to social media management, our firm combines traditional design values with modern design techniques to ensure your product or service stands out from the competition. Our innovative marketing solutions and designs bring creativity and efficiency to your marketing strategy, resulting in a brand that boosts sales and drives engagement.