Anyone who uses social media has seen and likely used hashtags. But how important are hashtags in social media marketing? 

The answer: very! 

Originally, hashtags were only used on Twitter. Now, they’re a crucial component of almost every social media platform. In today’s digital age, we’re constantly bogged down with different posts and information on our social media feeds. Hashtags make it easy for users to find the information or content they’re looking for. Simply having a social media presence isn’t enough for potential clients to find you–it’s important to utilize hashtags as well. 

Now, you may ask yourself, “Can I just use any hashtag?”

Not necessarily! Finding the right hashtags for your business is key as it leads you to potential clients and helps increase your engagement. Research and trial and error are essential components of using hashtags to ensure those hashtags are actually working for you. 

At First Station Media, we understand the importance of hashtags and find the right ones to help your content reach its desired audience. First Station Media is a full-service multimedia firm in Milwaukee, WI. We offer an array of services from social media marketing, content creation, branding, web design, and more. For more information, contact First Station Media today at for all of your social media marketing needs.