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First Station Media was founded in late 2011 and has gone on to open locations in Milwaukee and Chicago, working with a wide range of businesses from specialty boutiques to national firms. Everyone on our team has a specific niche, a unique talent they bring to the table; the result is the formation of a single, powerful, and cohesive unit. Our team of artists and designers work together on every project, each individual contributing their skills to the conversation in the journey to refine and improve our clients’ brands. Through this meticulous process, we ensure that the final presentation to the client is the finest manifestation of a collaborative effort. The most important aspect of our work—and the end goal of our collaborative efforts—is client satisfaction. We work diligently to create creative and intelligent representations of our client’s companies. In doing so, we create brands that boost sales and drive engagement. If you need to construct your marketing campaign or altogether change direction of your branding strategy, contact First Station Media. Together, we can innovate every day.

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