• Social Media Management

    From: $450.00 / month
    A Facebook page can be an invaluable asset to your company, providing your customers with an easy to access source of information and engagement. Nevertheless, many corporate Facebook pages are chronically underutilized. Your Facebook page can be used for so much more than just a link to your main website or a place to post the occasional blog or news story.
  • Website Design

    For many businesses, a website is an essential piece of their marketing strategy, and having an attractive and useful website can be an enormous asset. First Station Media can assist your business by creating a new website for your business or updating your old website.
  • SEO Management

    From: $250.00 / month
    Ranking well in Google is one of the most important factors in modern business, but also one of the most difficult. First Station Media offers a variety of useful Search Engine Optimization services that can assist your business with improving your ranking.
  • Analytics Reports

    $100.00 / month
    A thorough report on your website analytic data can be an invaluable source of information. In addition, your website analytic data can help you understand how and why your website is performing the way it is in search rankings. First Station Media offers three levels of analytic reports at competitive prices.
  • Brochure & Catalog Design

    An effective brochure is a great way to distribute information to potential customers. First Station Media can design and print your brochure at uniquely affordable prices. For custom brochure orders please contact info@firststationmedia.com or call 414.807.0032
  • Business Card Design

    A well-designed business card can make or break your first impression. First Station Media can create an appealing card for you or your business at an affordable rate.
  • Business Card Printing

    At First Station Media, all business cards are printed on high quality paper stock using the latest print technology. We know that your cards are a reflection of your company and we make it our mission to help you make a statement. Whether you design your cards yourself or have our talented design team create them for you, your end product is certain to impress. Our 3.5″ x 2″ cards come in sets of 1,000. Custom quantities and orders are also available. For custom quantity printing orders please contact info@firststationmedia.com or call 414.807.0032
  • An attractive flyer is a great way to draw attention to your business or event. If you need flyers designed or printed for your event, First Station Media can help. Our double-sided flyer designs are $150 per flyer. For custom orders, please contact info@firststationmedia.com or call 414.807.0032
  • Resume Services

    A well-written resume is a key factor in obtaining your ideal job. Unfortunately, many resumes are overlooked due to excellent qualifications being paired with an average-looking layout. First Station Media can assist you by redesigning your resume’s layout and wording in order to better accentuate your strengths whilst offering a more unique and personalized format that will help your resume stand out from the competition.
  • Are you having trouble with Wordpress? Do you need your website customized? Are you struggling with your hosting or have other technical questions? Let us help you solve these problems and get your website back on track at an affordable hourly rate of $50/hr. Please contact us at info@firststationmedia.com or call 414.807.0032 to discuss your needs.