Narrative marketing just got a lot more interesting


First Station Media provides comprehensive audiovisual services, including videography, sound recording, virtual recording, and photography. Video lends your branding campaigns a sense of movement, interaction, and life; it creates a platform that encourages your viewer to engage. Narrative marketing just got a lot more interesting with our beautiful—and powerful—promotional video services.

There’s a reason Shakespeare’s plays are meant to be performed instead of read—some things are supposed to be experienced. Is your business one that’s better visualized than just discussed? Do you have a special project that just can’t be successfully captured by words or images? Video and audio add another layer of narrative appeal to campaigns that can be otherwise elusive or abstract. Invigorate, control, and focus the power of First Station Media’s storytelling and branding abilities with intricate and meticulously crafted video.

No modern workplace is complete without virtual recording and communication capabilities. While holding a video conference or virtual team meeting is one thing, recording an event virtually or trying to turn a screen recording into promotional material is quite another. First Station Media’s videographers are experts in optimizing each and every remote space for recording. We walk you through exactly how to implement best practices for incredible, professional results; we can even lend you equipment and storyboard promotional pieces (including writing the script) so your time is spent wisely and the resulting promotional video is exactly what you want.

Question: What good is the content you shoot if you can’t use it or even access all of it?

Answer: NONE.

First Station Media’s audiovisual services include professional editing and access to any footage we don’t use. In short, you get both the raw footage and finished product when you partner with us.

The power of a professional, carefully constructed video campaign is a significant investment—and we intend to make sure our clients get the most use out of the materials they receive. Out of the promotional video we shoot, we create microcontent appropriate for social media and website placement, ensuring the video campaign can be used in a variety of ways, for a variety of reasons.




At First Station Media, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. Client satisfaction is our top priority; our team utilizes every skill at our disposal to invigorate your brand. We also pride ourselves on providing the shortest turn-around times in the industry, coupled with cohesive and dynamic campaigns that leave audiences wanting more. Contact us for more information about our services, and begin working with First Station Media today.